Indi 16, is now open at Citymax Hotel Business Bay.

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Indi 16, is now open at Citymax Hotel Business Bay.


Indi 16, Dubai’s first Tapas Bar and Shisha Lounge, is now open at Citymax Hotel Business Bay.


Indi 16 Tapas Bar and Shisha Lounge

Indi 16, newly open at Citymax Hotel Business Bay, is Dubai’s first tapas bar and shisha lounge.  It is the newest addition to the Citymax Hotels F&B portfolio. Located on the 16th floor, Indi 16 combines stunning views, excellent tapas, and a premium shisha experience.

Design and ambiance

Indi 16’s design emphasizes Dubai’s modernity while remaining elegant. Chic furnishings and botanical details offer a refined yet inviting atmosphere, ideal for viewing the city skyline. The venue’s layout promotes social contact and shared experiences, making it appropriate for both small meetings and large festivities.

Enhanced Culinary Delights in the Heart of Dubai

The menu includes a number of tantalizing options, such the Apple Cider Smoked Baby Back Ribs and the Bombay Gambas,  which are ideal for individuals who enjoy bold flavors. For a taste of creativity, try the Hyderabadi Mutton Shank or the vegetarian-friendly Kabuli Soya Bao, a treat for those who prefer plant-based options.

Desserts at Indi 16 are their own chapter. Enjoy the Indi 16 Styled Shrikhand , a delicious blend of cardamom and saffron-flavored yoghurt, or the White Choco Thandai Mousse, consist of pistachio and saffron-infused pleasure. For a local touch, the Gulab Jamoon and Kunafa, a marriage of traditional Middle Eastern and Indian sweets. Checkout our menu

Smoked Baby Back Ribs - Indi 16 Dishes

Signature cocktails and exquisite tapas

The cocktail menu includes unique combinations such as the fiery Masala Red Snapper, which combines Hendricks gin, tomato, lemon juice, and dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire for a powerful flavour. The Bengal Tiger is a tropical escape that combines St. Remy brandy, orange Curacao, cherry liqueur, and pineapple juice. Furthermore, the Tamarind Ginger Margarita and Smoky Mint Julep both have wonderful flavors with distinct twists.


Smoky Mint Julep - Signature Cocktail at Indi 16 Tapas Bar and Shisha Lounge

An Innovative Shisha Experience

Indi 16, enriches the shisha experience with exclusive blends like Love 66, which includes melon, watermelon, and passionfruit, or try Lady Killer, which has peach, mango, and ice mint; Ice Baby, which combines blueberry, raspberry, and ice; and Haribon, a Coca-Cola-infused mix. Other options are Punkman, which combines strawberry, raspberry, and grapefruit, Mi Amor, which has banana, raspberry and ice, and the unusual Paan Raas, Belgian waffle and lemongrass. Each flavour is intended to complement the panoramic vistas of the city, providing a distinctive sensory experience with each puff.

Vibrant Atmosphere and Entertainment

Indi 16’s ambiance is dynamic and engaging, with DJ Szaya our resident female in-house DJ playing enthralling mixes of Bollywood and electronic music, providing an energising backdrop for dining and socialising. In addition, famous RJ Parikshit Balochi hosts variety shows, which add to the venue’s vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, every Sunday, The Seen acoustic band performs unplugged Sufi music, adding a unique touch to the vibrant setting.

Unplugged Sundays - The Seen at Indi 16

Join Us for a Unique Experience

Indi 16 welcomes everyone to enjoy a one-of-a-kind combination of flavors, vistas, and experiences. Indi 16 is dedicated to creating an unforgettable venue that mixes the best of Dubai’s culinary arts with an exceptional shisha experience. Whether you’re here for a relaxed evening, a business meeting, or a night of entertainment, Indi 16 guarantees an experience as memorable as the city itself.

Indi 16, 16th floor Citymax Hotel Business Bay. Ph:050 461 7994  Google Map Location